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ChestnuT - Y5


                                Mr Moran                                                                        Mrs Rimmer

                                 Teacher                                                                    Teaching Assistant


Welcome to Year 5 and home to our class, ‘Chestnut’. This year we will be guiding the children on their journey through the year and enjoying many different aspects of the curriculum. 

We are responsible for your child’s education, safety and ultimately their happiness. If you have any concerns or you just want to talk about your child then you are more than welcome to come and discuss this with either one of us. Let’s hope for a productive and successful year!


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Given out                   Due in

Fri 16th June                       Wed 28th June

Fri 7th July                          Wed 19th July


Year 3-4 and 5-6 spelling lists 

Class News



Our topic this term is a real push with aspects of science. The areas covered will be the Sun, Earth and Moon and the other planets. Forces will also figure strongly later in the term. The children will be of course learning many facts and taking part within different investigations. We will look to develop our investigative write ups, then write independently and look to improve our written work as a key part of our science.


Please read with your child every night. We will continue to ensure that guided reading takes place on a daily basis in school. Please encourage your child to read their book and discuss the events within the text.


  P.E lessons will be outdoor on Mondays and indoor on Wednesdays so a full P.E kit will be required.