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ChestnuT - Y5


                                Mr Moran                                                                      Miss Kay         

                                 Teacher                                                                 Teaching Assistant          


Welcome to Year 5 and home to our class, ‘Chestnut’. This year we will be guiding the children on their journey through the year and enjoying many different aspects of the curriculum. 

We are responsible for your child’s education, safety and ultimately their happiness. If you have any concerns or you just want to talk about your child then you are more than welcome to come and discuss this with either one of us. Let’s hope for a productive and successful year!


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Year 3-4 and 5-6 spelling lists 


 The fifth homework will be given Friday 12th January and will be expected in to a good standard on Wed 24th Jan. The sixth homework will be given Friday 2nd February and returned Wed 14th Feb.

Class News


Our topic this term is ‘The Aztecs’. The children will be learning about their way of life, including sacrifice! Once again, several key writing pieces will stem from this topic work. The children have also been given a separate Aztec homework to be completed for Friday 8th March. The science topic this term will include facts relating to the sun, Earth and moon.