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ChestnuT - Y5


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Welcome to Year 5 and home to our class, ‘Chestnut’. This year we will be guiding the children on their journey through the year and enjoying many different aspects of the curriculum. 

We are responsible for your child’s education, safety and ultimately their happiness. If you have any concerns or you just want to talk about your child then you are more than welcome to come and discuss this with either one of us. Let’s hope for a productive and successful year!


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Class News


 Currently, we are well into our topics of forces and World War 1. The children will be carrying out many scientific investigations within forces. They will also continue to look
at many of the key historical aspects from World War 1, including the Armistice - celebrated on Remembrance Sunday. The children have been given a separate World
War 1 homework to be completed for Friday 8th December.

Class Trip

As part of our World War 1 topic, the children will be visiting the Fusilier Museum in Bury on Wed 22nd Nov at
10.30am. The visit will include a talk, handling artefacts and then a look around the museum itself.