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This is a very important year where the children study hard, learn many new things and revise previous topics covered. The children know the importance of doing well in class as it is the final chance to prepare for their next adventure - High School.

This is the last year at Woodbank Primary School and a year of great importance. By working hard, revising and studying, I hope that you all achieve the grades that you deserve. It is important to show those clear Year 6 qualities that will improve yourself as a person and be that quality role model for the younger children at our school. By working hard now, you will be able to take Year 7 in your stride and flourish during your years at High School.

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For our last term, the children will be visiting Greater Manchester Fire Station where they will become fire fighters for the day. They will also learn vital survival and safety skills. We will also be focussing on the transistion to High School and starting Year 7 Maths work