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Willow - Year 5




                                                     Mrs Huggins                                                                                                     Mrs Leader                                                         

                                                        Teacher                                                                                                     Teaching Assistant                                              

 Welcome to Willow 

We are a hardworking, well-mannered and happy class.
We do some really serious work in Maths and English and lots of other subjects. However we have fun and enjoy our experiences.

Most importantly we love to learn and we are proud of everything we do.




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PGL 2019 letter





     Given Out                      Due In

  Wed 16th January                 Wed 30th January

  Wed 6th February                 Wed 27th February



Year 3-4 and 5-6 spelling lists 

Class News



This term our topic will be “The Vikings”. The children will be learning about the daily lives of the Viking people, where they came from and where they raided and settled.  We will explore the types of houses that the Vikings lived in, what clothes they wore and even what types of food they ate. Children will be asked to carry out their own research as part of their homework. Please support them where you can.

 We will also have a class assembly at 9.10am on Wednesday 23rd January to which you are all invited. 

P.E. Kits

P.E lessons will be on Mondays and Tuesdays so a full P.E kit will be required. Please note that our Tuesday session is part of our school’s “Sports Development Programme” and will be led by a qualified sports coach.