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      Star of the week   

Fir -  Amelia H for  being very respectful and a beautifully behaved member of the class and a superb role model for the other children

Pine - Esme F for trying really hard with her phonics

Beech Aleza A for having amazing focus and effort in independent writing and super work in maths.

Cedar (blue) - Harley R for massive improvements it attitude to learning

Cedar (green)  Maryam B for great effort when working independently to ensure she does her best

Maple - Grace P for a huge change in her growth mindset in her maths, working more independently and great improvements in her handwriting and spelling

Elder - Faye H for being extremely hard working which carries on at home

Willow - Daniyal C for being super mathematician, being enthusiastic and always contributes in lessons 

Chestnut - Zahra s for being Miss Dependable - Awlays on task, working hard, trying hard and doing her 

Sycamore - All pupils in Year 6 for trying their very best during SATs

Head Teacher - Finley J & Leo C-J for their super phonics work

Lunchtime Mason G & James R for always being kind and helpful with lovely manners