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Programme of Study Objective                                          Curriculum Policy

Curriculum Overview                                                           English Programme of Study                                               

Maths Programme of Study                                                Phonics and Reading Scheme

Curriculum In Action (Coming Soon)                                    Assertive Maths PowerPoint  

Maths Visual Calculations Policy

"A complete overhaul of the curriculum has resulted in a rich and varied range of experience for all pupils"

Ofsted April 2016

Maths Prompt Sheets


        Calculations                             Measure

         Fractions                                Shape and Space



      Stage 0 Prompt Sheet        Stage 1 Prompt Sheet

      Stage 2 Prompt Sheet        Stage 3 Prompt Sheet

      Stage 4 Prompt Sheet        Stage 5 Prompt Sheet

      Stage 6 Prompt Sheet       


"The new curriculum is having a positive effect on pupils' personal development as well as their good academic progress"

Ofsted April 2016