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Oscars children are really lucky as when the weathers nice, we get the use of all the school grounds. From the playing fields, playgrounds and woodland areas, the children have lots of opportunities to learn through play. 

Our younger children especially love to dig for bugs and insects, especially worms! We talk about why they like soil and how we should be kind to insects and bugs, even if they aren't very pretty.  They also love to draw roads on the pavement and "drive" bikes and scooters around whilst using the sign posts and cones for construction. 

When a visitor came to Woodbank who drove a Maclaren, the owner very kindly let the children have a look at their car and sit by it for photos. This was a brilliant opportunity to talk about vehicles and asking the older children where they thought the engine might be? How would they fit a car seat for a baby when there are no back seats? How fast do you think it can go? What do you think the vents are for?