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Be Responsible...Be Respectful...Be Resilient.....Be Responsible...Be Respectful...Be Resilient.....Be Responsible...Be Respectful...Be Resilient.....

         Cedar -  YEAR 2               


                                             Mrs Linarez                                                               Miss Moss

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Welcome to Cedar,

In Year 2 we try hard to show ourselves as role models for the younger children in Key Stage 1 by demonstrating sensible and kind behaviour. We like to challenge ourselves and we work very hard to improve our maths, reading and writing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                




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This term our topic is on London. Our initial focus will be on the geography of this city and after the half term
break we will learn about the Great Fire of London in history. We will also:
 continue to work on multiplication & division, then do topics on money, statistics and shape
 practise our handwriting, grammar and punctuation; read and write reports and stories about London
 think about our dreams and goals in PSHE
 study the properties of different materials in science
 do a variety of art activities based on London landmarks
 learn songs and rhythms in our Charanga music topic
 group and sort data and also create pictures in computing
 study RE topics on Ideas about God in Christianity and Judaism before learning more about Easter
 Improve our throwing and catching skills in PE and play different games in teams