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 Chestnut - Year 5  



Mrs Coe


Mrs Devine


Miss Chew


Mrs Biddle



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Our topic for this term will be comparing the UK to North and South America. This topic will allow many writing opportunities and creative ones.

We will look at how some places are similar and others are different in relation to their human features and culture.




All smiles on our first day   

How does your book make you feel

 Mega Numbers

 Leighton's Glowing Pendulum

Sports Development Gymnastics and PE with Mrs Coe

   Harvest Festival Activity 

 Woodbank Experience Day

Learning Numbers in Spanish

   Jigsaw PSHE

Golden Time

The Life of Oprah Winfrey 


Wear Red 

    Jigsaw PSHE 

  Zoo Homework

Ancient Greece Homework

  Chestnuts Halloween 

Bonfire Safety

Making Poppies

Jerusalem Dance Chestnut



Children in Need Day


Children in Need Class Challenge

Mrs Coe's Children in Need Challenge

Jigsaw PSHE - Celebrating Difference

Learning Spanish - The High Street



Our Hoop Decorations

Our Class Christmas Wreath

Our Hopes and Dreams Candles

Decorating Our Class Tree

Elf Day


Reindeer Day


Lanterns To Light Up Our Windows At Home For Christmas

Making Our Class Christmas Cards 

Making Reindeer Food for Christmas Eve

Making Magic Snow


Watching Panto - Christmas Jumper Day - Christmas Dinner

Chestnut's Christmas Song

Winter Wonderland

Chestnut Class Christmas Party 

Calendars 2021 

Happy New Year


I'm a Y5 Get Me Out of Here !

Mother’s Day 

Reading Star Challenge Winner - Emily 

Reading Star Challenge Winner - Evan

Reading Star Challenge Winner - Leighton



Red Nose Day


Fun & Fitness Challenge


Easter Cards and Wreaths

Chestnut Easter Song


St. George's Day



Year 5 learning to play the Glockenspiel



Science Refraction Reaction



Celebrating Eid


World War 1 



Rocket Day


Euro Day

Father's Day

Music Day