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Be Responsible...Be Respectful...Be Resilient.....Be Responsible...Be Respectful...Be Resilient.....Be Responsible...Be Respectful...Be Resilient.....

  Elder - Year 3/4    


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This year we will undertake the curriculum in a fun and stimulating way, providing opportunities for all children to excel in an inclusive and safe environment. We will look at the world around us and try to make every topic we cover an adventure and a journey.                           




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 Year 3-4 spelling list



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Weds 4th March              Weds 18th March
Weds 25th March            Weds 1st April



Class News


Topic – UK Place names and trade links

Following our Vikings topic we will move onto Geography and look at how UK towns and cities got their names and how trade links developed between different places.

Year 4 Swimming

Swimming lessons start on 23.03.20 and will take place daily for two weeks. Then, it will be every Friday during the summer term. It is a fantastic part of the Year 4 curriculum where your child will learn valuable life skills! Children must bring a full swimming kit (swimming trunks/costume and towel) each day and take them home to be washed. I would recommend that girls wear their hair up (preferably in plaits) as it makes it easier for their hair to dry.



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    Science - Plants & Living Things