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Be Responsible...Be Respectful...Be Resilient.....Be Responsible...Be Respectful...Be Resilient.....Be Responsible...Be Respectful...Be Resilient.....

  Elder - Year 3/4    



                    Ms Madigan                            Mrs Allen                          Ms Brierley                  Miss Ryan

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 A very warm welcome to Elder,

This year we will undertake the curriculum in a fun and stimulating way, providing opportunities for all children to excel in an inclusive and safe environment. We will look at the world around us and try to make every topic we cover an adventure and a journey.                           


Class News


We will be continuing our ‘Anglo Saxons’ topic and moving on to geography and ‘Settlements’ which is closely linked. The children have absolutely loved learning about the Anglo Saxons. Homework books went out on Wednesday 30th October and is due back in Wednesday 13th November. Topic homework is due in by Wednesday 4th December.

 Can you help? We are in need of any old comics, annuals, graphic novels or chapter books to update our class reading area if families have any ‘old’ ones they could donate? This term our reading focus is Diaries and our class book The Wizard of Once.