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Be Responsible...Be Respectful...Be Resilient.....Be Responsible...Be Respectful...Be Resilient.....Be Responsible...Be Respectful...Be Resilient.....

  Elder - Year 3/4    



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 A very warm welcome to Elder,

This year we will undertake the curriculum in a fun and stimulating way, providing opportunities for all children to excel in an inclusive and safe environment. We will look at the world around us and try to make every topic we cover an adventure and a journey.                           




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 Year 3-4 spelling list



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Weds 8th Jan            Weds 22nd Jan

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Science – Digestion and teeth

The children will be learning how the digestive system works, learning about the types of teeth we have and comparing these to the teeth of different animals with different food requirements.

Topic – The Vikings

In history we will be moving on to learn about the Vikings and their invasions of Britain. The knowledge that the children gain over the next few weeks will enhance their trip to the Jorvik Viking museum in February and allow them to make links between their learning and real life experiences.



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    Science - Plants & Living Things