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Class Information

This half term, we will continue with our topic ‘Amazing Animals’. Our role-play area is now set up as a ‘Jungle Safari’ to support the children’s learning. 

We will use the books: Handa’s Surprise, Animal Boogie, Rumble in the Jungle, Giraffes Can’t Dance, Dear Zoo and We’re going on a Lion Hunt, as a focus for a study of animals from hot places. We will also enjoy songs, poems and stories about animals and learning about their habitats.

The children will continue to have daily phonics lessons, which will involve rhythm and rhyme, alliteration and voice sounds.

Our maths focus will include: Counting objects to 10. Using size language big/round/small/tall/short… to differentiate and describe. Recognise and talk about shapes in the environment and in construction activities.

Recognise groups of 1,2,3,4 animals, compare groups and say when these are the same/more/less. Use positional language (on, under, above, below, next to...).

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