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Chinese New Year


                    EYFS/KS1 Timetable with links               Information Letter                        KS2 Timetable with links




                                                                                                                                Chinese New Year Introduction Assembly                                                                   The Great Race Story











KS2 Story to read


EYFS/KS1 Story to watch


KS2 Exploring Chinese New Year video and interactive quiz


EYFS/KS1 Part 1 Getting ready for Chinese New Year music and dance


EYFS/KS1 Part 2 Join the Chinese New Year parade music and dance


EYFS/KS1 Chinese New Year Funky Facts quiz with Ubercorn


EYFS Story and game, watch the story then click on the game button can you put the animals in the order they finished the race?

More Activities & Links






Try your hand at making a Chinese fan, follow the link below for instructions,

you will need:

Coloured or decorated paper


Lolly sticks



Handprint paper dragon puppet, follow the link below for instructions

You will need:

Coloured or decorated paper



Lolly sticks

Coloured pens or pencils

Template of dragon head, claws and tail


On the next page is a dragon template you can use this link to show you various items to craft using this template