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    Stars of the week 


Fir - Samuel W for always putting in 100% effort into everything

Pine - Frederick K for his super reading and improved handwriting 

Beech - Tommy-Lee G for his amazing phonics/reading & Korie K for trying his hardest all the time 

Cedar  - Haris K for his fabulous attitude to learning and interest in topics 

Maple - Ellis P for his amazing efforts in his morning maths and write and developing his growth mindset 

ElderJack K for his fantastic attitude to maths & Lili-Rae W for gaining confidence in her maths 

Willow -  Elliott C & Rylan R for their superb work and being being lovely, friendly boys 

  • Chestnut -  Millie L for trying hard and pushing herself to do better every day

Sycamore - Spencer W for being such a star on the trip to Liverpool

  Head Teacher Star  - Elliott M for super maths work, Grace P for hot seating in RE, Lucie & Dylan for super progress in their work

 Lunchtime Star -Sidrah A & James R for being kind, helpful and having lovely manners