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    Stars of the Week  


Fir - Kylen A for coming into school with a super positive attitude and having a fab week

Pine - Jammal H for his fantastic attitude to learning and not giving up

Beech - Mariyah K for a fantastic effect with her writing 

Cedar  - Evie I for her fabulous effort with reading and giving her ideas confidently and thoughtfully

Maple Kayden H for his amazing effort and motivation in his writing  

Elder - Rayaan for his super work in guided reading and having a good attitude to learning

Willow - Adam F for his lovely behaviour, for being trusted and for his hard working attitude  

Chestnut - Bengy E for being a star with his amazing maths work 

Sycamore - Lewis a for being sensible, reliable and hard working, all day, every day

  Head Teacher Star  - Isla B for her fabulous Giraffe Powerpoint Presentation, Charlie W for his amazing work all the time and Tommy-Lee G for his super early bird writing   

Lunchtime Stars - Isla J for lovely manners and always making the right choices and Grace P for being  kind, helpful and very well behaved