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"A complete overhaul of the curriculum has resulted in a rich and varied range of experience for all pupils"

Ofsted 2016 

Key Stage


World War 2 Bright light, Big City! Marvellous Me Where the wild things are Wolves Memory Box Towers, Tunnels and turrets! Great Explorers
Wriggle and Crawl Villains and Heroes Dinosaur Planet Moon Zoom Paws and Claws Commotion in the Ocean Beach Combers 






Key Stage


What did the Romans ever do for us? Who are our Heroes? Were the Vikings always vicious and Victorious? Where in the World? The Wonders of Ancient Egypt Why did we keep being invaded? Does the Punishment always fit the crime? Who would want to live there?
Lights, Camera, Action! I'm a Pupil ....Get me out of here! Go Greeks! Why do we love going to North Wales? Mad for Manchester Angry Earth Hola..Mexico!


"The new curriculum is having a positive effect on pupil's personal development as well as their good academic progress"

                                                                    Ofsted 2016