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Brandlesholme is a suburb north of Bury in Greater Manchester, England, half-way between Bury town centre and Ramsbottom. Brandlesholme Road (B6214) is the main road through the area. At its furthermost south junction it meets with Tottington Road and Crostons Road, providing access to Bury Town Centre. Northwards at a stretch of open farmland, the road forks, bearing left to Greenmount with links to Tottington and Bolton, and right to Holcombe BrookSummerseat and Ramsbottom.

History of Brandlesholme

In the 13th century a small number of people were living in Brandlesholme. The name belonged to a family who looked after local forests on behalf of Henry III but following marriage they were replaced by the Greenhalgh family. This family lived in Brandlesholme Old Hall, one of the oldest buildings in Bury on the northern outskirts of Brandlesholme. The building has the remains of a medieval hall, a single story cruck-built structure with two farms and a Victorian wing built up around it.  A map at Rufford Old Hall shows that until at least 1610, Brandlesholme was known as Brandleffham (Brandlessham).

Historically, mills tended to be located along rivers and streams. Kirklees Brook runs to the west of Brandlesholme and in the 18th century mills stood on the site of the old Kirklees Bleach works, now demolished and redeveloped into a new housing estate named Miller Brook. In 1884, a French chemist, Hilaire de Charbonnet, Comte de Chardonnay, moved to the area to work on a cellulose-based fabric that became known as "Chardonnay silk". A forerunner of rayon it was an attractive cloth, but as was very flammable. Eventually, following numerous accidents, it was taken off the market. 



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Greater Manchester Police
Police general number - 0161 872 5050
     Non-emergency  number - 101
     Emergency number ONLY - 999
  Bury West Neighbourhood Policing Team- 0161 856 818

Neighbourhood Police email - Burywest.npt@gmp.police.uk

    GMP (Police) website www.gmp.police.uk
      Crimestoppers - 0800 555 111



Bury Council

Main switchboard - 0161 253 5000
Emergency service outside office hours - 0161 253 6606
Dog Wardens - 0161 334 0042
Environmental Services - 0161 253 5353
Highways (road/path repairs) - 0161 253 5353
Refuse Collection - 0161 253 5353
Street Lighting - 0161 253 5353
Youth Services - 0161 253 5353



 Bury District Citizens Advice Bureau - 0844 826 9320
 Bury Law Centre - 0161 272 0666
Trading Standards - 0345 040506


Bury Carer’s Centre - 0161 200 1950
Bury Samaritans - 0161 764 0055
Bury Victim Support and Witness Services - 0161 797 3043

Fairfield Hospital - 0161  764 6081