"The most powerful way to change the world is to live in front of our children

the way we would like the world to be." - Graham White.

Miss Lilley

Pastoral and Mental Health Lead

Pastoral at Woodbank...

Effective pastoral care underpins children's personal development. At Woodbank, we know from experience that with outstanding pastoral care, children feel they belong and their self-esteem is able to flourish because they recognise that they are valued and cared for. We believe that good pastoral support focuses on nurturing the individual needs of each child, working alongside parents and carers to ensure children make good progress in all aspects of their lives during their time with us. We want everyone involved with our school to feel well supported. 


All staff are very approachable and we offer an 'Open Door Policy' before and after school hours. If you have any concerns about your child's emotional well-being and how this may be impacting them on their education, your first port of call should be their class teacher.

However, if you have any questions about Pastoral Support in general or would like some advice about how your child can access some support, please contact our Pastoral Lead, Miss Lilley directly via email;


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