Woodbank Primary School

Food Safety

People who prepare food know that it is important to keep germs well away from anything that will be eaten. They keep themselves and their kitchens spotlessly clean because they know that germs can make us ill.

Take a good look at the six food safety rules below.

Never take risks with food - don't give germs a chance.


  • Always wash your hands before you touch or eat food.
  • Pets can carry germs. Remember to wash your hands after you have touched them.
  • Every time you go to the toilet - wash your hands.
  • Germs like to be warm. Always put foods which need to be cold back into the fridge - don't give germs a chance to grow.
  • Always check the 'use by' dates on food. If the date has passed - throw the food away.
  • Keep your hands away from your eyes and mouth when you are dealing with food - they can carry germs.

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