Woody's Eco Express.... Tuesday 19th March 3.30pm in the school hall   

Woody's Eco Warriors

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world," - Howard Zinn

Here at Woodbank, we have set up a brand new Eco - Council. Back in 2020 when the club was first formed, it was decided that the Eco-Council should have a name that reflects how they feel about making changes within school, our local community and our home environment. With this in mind, it was voted that the club should be named "Woody's Eco Warriors."




Why do you want to be an Eco Warrior?

Myla wants to help make others aware of the importance of looking after the planet. She loves animals and would like to protect them from harmful things.

Dorothy wants to teach people about being a vegetarian and the benefits for people going veggie and promote "Meat free Mondays." 

Jack wants to help the environment  by looking out for our wild animals. He has saved two hedgehogs by taking them to rescue centres and would love to share information.

Emily finds her job as an Eco Warrior really important and enjoys sorting and preparing our terracycling to send off so it can be recycled at Warburtons. 

Willow wants animals and people to be safe. Willow is passionate that everyone should help change the world if we all do at least one thing per day.



Evie loves to help in Eco club and keeeping the environment clean by litter picking. With 12 million tonnes of plastic finding its way into the ocean each year, it's important that we stop using single use plastics. 

Edie wants to protect animals natural habitats by planting trees and plants, create a hedghog feeding station, a house to sleep in and bird feeders. 

Hedgehog fact:

While it is difficult to accurately monitor hedgehog numbers, evidence indicates they could be down by over half in rural areas and a  third in urban areas since 2000.

Olivia wants to be a member of Eco club as she wants to help save the bees. Bees are really important for our flowers and we can eat the honey they produce too! 

Thea is also a vegetarian. She is interested in and wants to learn more about our wildlife and how we can help them more. It is important to Thea that Woodbank becomes more Eco Friendly.



Woodbank has become a local Terracycle site to recycle items such as any brand of bread wrappers, crumpet/ wraps/ muffin packaging and Kinder Chocolate wrappers and items?

Please collect any of these items and drop off during our opening hours at reception, and a member of the Warriors will sort them out for you!

Terracycle Recycling Scheme


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